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Most expensive protein powder crown gets handed on, Super Sport protein from Cellucor

Protein has been top discussion about Cellucor apparently. So no surprise to see a company respond to fan requests. Super Sport. Protein Powder. The general Cellucor price is sitting with the product but do not be scared by the double value against Myofusion. The 2lbb proteins are the best comparison for the protein risk that Cellucor have layed out. Its is double Optimum’s 2lb as well. With just two flavours chocolate and vanilla this can be assumed as over priced. It has taken over VP2 as most expensive protein. From the company the ingredients are worth it. It has got a lot of the extras brands are promising BCAAs, glutamine although it is missing amino acids. The kicker behind this blend as well as most high priced. Low calories! Not deal breaking low but low. 30g protein, 1g fat and 3g carbs made up of dietary and sugar 1g each. Calories are just 130. Cellucor fans will no likely buy this up. The brand has made sexy sell and when people place this on their shelves next to the Cellucor line it will fit right in. Which is extremely hard to do if you have yet to touch protein powder (Animal). Advice? On a half price sale it would be worth grabbing.

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