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Six Star Muscle is rated 6 out of 5, treat yourself to the best tasting protein powder

six star muscle

Well worth the price. The company of the inbetweens. Their protein tubs are not quite 2lbs and not quite 1lbs. Sitting in between for all the protein powders 500-800 Grams. For price it is almost justifiable beside your regular 907 gram tub from Optimum or Gaspari. Here is the key component though. They offer a range, mass, casein, isolate and regular whey. More on that. The taste is the best. Very few you would taste and say yeah it is the best, I have had better bla bla bla. This. Six Star Muscle deserve the six stars. One flavour on option for the isolate, casein and mass. But it is all you will want. Imagine cocoa, dark chocolate, sugar and more chocolate. You may think mud cake. It is actually a protein shake. And could not be more better for you. The casein is not sub par nor is the isolate. So you need that protein to hit the crave spot, Six Star Muscle. Treat yourself.