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Six Star teams up with Kellogg’s once again for a Froot Loops-flavored protein drink

Six Star Pro Nutrition Froot Loops Protein Shake

Six Star Pro Nutrition made a mountain of noise last year when it announced its first authentic collaboration and the first-ever product in the sports nutrition industry put together with an actual cereal company. The successful brand teamed up with Kellogg’s to turn two of its most iconic breakfast cereals into flavors of Six Star’s premier protein powder, 100% Whey Protein+, and those cereals were Frosted Flakes and the colored hoop-style Froot Loops.

That partnership with Kellogg’s is coming back around in the latest news from Six Star Pro Nutrition, as it is once again teaming up with the legendary cereal company for another product that sees the collaboration evolve into a whole different format. Six Star and Kellogg’s have taken the traditional Froot Loops and transformed it into another type of high-protein item, introducing the authentic Froot Loops Protein Shake, packing 30g of protein a bottle.

Six Star’s Froot Loops Protein Shake is a completely new item, not an extension of a supplement that’s already out there, and it has plenty of highlights on top of the protein. Alongside that high 30g of protein, primarily from milk concentrate, is a light 3g of carbohydrates and another 3g of fat, ending on a calorie count of 160. Those macros are about as good as you can get in the subcategory of protein RTDs, with a balance similar to a protein powder.

To essentially put a cherry on top, Six Star Pro Nutrition also adds a comprehensive selection of vitamins and minerals to its Froot Loops Protein Shake, to further support general health and wellness. The brand is launching its third overall authentic collaboration with Kellogg’s this month. It’ll be exclusively available to the membership retailer Sam’s Club, where you’ll find a large box of 15, 11oz (325ml) bottles for $26.24, which works out to $1.75 a piece.