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Animal Cuts is well above AX’s weight class, Stimulant X good but not that good

Athletic Xtreme can do a lot of things well. One most of all is their marketing, images, ads, packaging the whole lot. Their test booster and pre-workout have been given a thumbs up here, no stamp as of yet but be sure to keep and eye out. The one today is Stimulant X. No real list of ingredients just a complex with a read later list. Following on from their previous greats. Stimulant X is no different. A lot of fan favourites with a few high quality ones thrown in for added effect. The last nail in the coffin is their comparison sheet that is up for every one of their supplements. In their mind, Animal Cuts, Lipo 6 Black and Atro-Phex are chump change. Atro-Phex is the grandaddy of the weight loss market. Lipo 6 black is a good choice but Animal Cuts. Second edition at the moment from Universal, it is very strong. Like the entire Animal range. Like most comparisons you see, any argument can be won when you choose the information to display.

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