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Counting too many sheep? Moore Muscle is the answer to your prays and supplements

Moore Muscle. Remember that brand. Not a large range of products but well worth a look. You will get the low down on the others later but first here is Moore Sleep. Why this first, because this supplement has done something no other has. Put GABA and Melatonin into the one!

Extras include, 5-HTP, inositol, B6 and L-Theanine. Another additive that is usually a part of an amino complex, Tryptophan. No list of amounts but for a 2 capsule serve this will be no cheat. The kicker about the Moore Muscle series is that it will answer your question right on the bottle. Namby pamby? Bird chest? Blubber but? For the sleep aid. Way too many sheep? Six products in total and this is the first of them all. So far it is 1/1.

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