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New MRI nitric oxide supplement? Bad by itself and even worse in the stack

You know that thing that always gets bad reviews? Yeah the pump products. Majority contain the same ingredients but for that vascular look the outcome of each product always seem to vary so greatly. Well this may be the saddest combination of supplements to hit the streets. Sold in just the Hemo Surge separately you can buy a stack with NO2 Red. Yes you guessed it both pump products. One is looking to be more of the pre-workout than the other. Details are a little scarce at the moment but the Hemo Surge seems to be, for a pre-workout, rubbish. Usually energy supps borrow from pumps, or the good stuff at least. The stimulants mostly. Caffeine, taurine and so on. Hemo Surge is short on stimulants but “stack3d” with the shit that other products never use. Vitamins, aminos and a never before seen, compilation of arginine blends. The usual finishing word is an experience or sample says it all, or says enough. For an all day pump scrap this heap, take the weekend off and go buy a gatorade.

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