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Beta Alanine new to the Muscle Pharm Core Series, new Hybrid N.O. details coming Monday

Waiting for yet another core series supplement from Muscle Pharm? The athlete’s brand have kept these simple ingredient products on the down low but if there was going to be another core product added equal to that of creatine, CLA or glutamine. It would be beta alanine. No details on whether or not they are going to put in a range of blends or something cool like that in it. There are details coming this Monday on their new product called Hybrid N.O. It could be a pump supplement that is really one that is missing from Muscle Pharm. Like having a mass gainer in their supplement line up if this is a pump product it is again taking the dedicated line further away from the athlete’s and feeding the demand of the general gym goer. All eyes on Monday as surely the ingredients and picture will be available.

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