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Finally SizeOn Pre-Contest is leaving, Gaspari and the world give it the axe

Gaspari’s SizeOn wanted the real novel side of things when it spawned a spin off SizeOn Pre-Contest. The new SizeOn formula, Maximum Performance made some solid reviews and proved to be a step up from the previous version. Pre-Contest on the other hand was the same price minus the sugars. Intended for, as you guessed it, before contests and the no carb label really got people jumping all over it. For the fans of post-workout creatine without the sugar it seemed like a waste of money. Without the extra sugars you are just buying your regular monohydrate with some amino acids. For all the haters out there this will come as no surprise but a lot of stores are now dropping the overly priced creatine. This is not because it was a shit supplement but more likely Gaspari giving it the axe. Fingers crossed we do not end up paying an extra $10 for a SizeOn Probiotic.

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