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Multi-Vitamin perfect for the cheapskate, Vitaform is good for it’s price but not good overall

There are very few supplements out there that can call themselves top multi vitamins. There is actually only about 3, Animal Pak, Armour-V and Monster 100. AllMax Nutrition is a relatively small brand and have just unveiled their new multi, Vitaform. It does not compete with the top dogs but if you were to scale down any of those to maybe half the size you would come up with this. It is a good vitamin and it is an outstanding vitamin for it’s price. It has vitamins, anti-oxidants, mental and focus support, a male complex, joint blends and a mineral and electrolyte formula. So if you are on the cheaper side of supplements and not wanting to blow your cash on a good multi. Vitaform is a solid replacement (for the time being).

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