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AllMax combines muscle builders arachidonic acid and RipFactor into the one versatile product

Allmax Nutrition Arachidonic Acid Plus

One of our favorite and very specifically used muscle-building supplements or ingredients is arachidonic acid, found in several advanced sports nutrition products on the market, like Animal Test, as well as standalone from brands such as Serious Nutrition Solutions by way of X-Gels. AllMax Nutrition has joined that list of brands offering the component somewhat by itself with a new addition to its Essential Series, which is a collection of straightforward products that has grown a lot over the last year or so.

AllMax Nutrition’s latest Essential Series extension is Arachidonic Acid+, featuring, of course, arachidonic acid plus a little something else. The title ingredient is included at 1.6g per four-capsule serving, but these are capsules, not softgels, where the standardization is usually 40%. In the AllMax effort, the standardization is 10%, so if you end up comparing this to a softgel arachidonic acid supplement, five capsules of Arachidonic Acid+ would equal two softgels at 250mg a piece with 40% standardization.

As mentioned, there is a plus to AllMax Nutrition’s Arachidonic Acid+, as it also features the muscle-building component plus the proven weight loss-supporting and muscle strength and size-enhancing RipFactor at 424mg per serving. The two ingredients complement each other quite nicely, and they’re not supremely common in advanced muscle builders and testosterone boosters, making the newly released Arachidonic Acid+ a versatile item that could be stacked with most others within the category.

AllMax Nutrition has launched its newest Essentials Series supplement exclusively in the US through its online store at, and the price comes in at just under the $30 mark for $29.99, which gets you the usual 30 servings, to supply you for typical month.