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Second in the new concentrated line from BSN, Hyper Shred now available and titled just as predicted

You did hear it here first. The list of BSN 2012 supplements did include Hyper Shred. No surprise to spot this out and about. Not overloaded. That is the best description. The contents is not as packed as the common successors today. Also not small enough to be considered a concentrate. Red and black pepper, a few more natural ingredients and then a single shot of caffeine. A few of these are featured in Hyper FX. Which makes BSN a strange case. Hyper FX is anything but hype. Lived up to it’s every word. New ingredients are easy to find. New and working is another story. The combination of DMAA, DMAE and vinpocetine. That has been featuring in a lot of supps, more so in the Muscletech concentrate series. Has been widely successful. BSN. May actually have right here the next killer combo. Hyper Shred needs to find a better price but by the looks of things. The pink bottle boys may be showing the world the start of their own concentrate series.

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