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Sick new line of supplements from Muscle Pharm, the MMA Elite Series for your low cost stack hole filling needs

Hold onto your seats because Muscle Pharm just got real. Opening up an entire new series. Not as cool or high quality as the current supplements. Still for those who want that protein or extra boost for your training. Muscle Pharm have teamed with MMA to create a separate line. MMA Elite Series. A good guess would be that the pricetag will prove to be lower. As if Muscle Pharm was not already the best price. Five sexy new products, Vita, Recover, Perform, Shred and Whey Protein Elite. Mentioning not as high quality as the labels are thinly packed compared to something like Assault. The new line will be coming out in January. With the loyal Muscle Pharm followers and stockists. The distribution into WallMarts across America is not the only benefit. Countries where Shred Matrix, Bullet Proof and Armour-V can not reach, MMA Elite series can throw Vita, Recover and Shred. You just gotta love Muscle Pharm.

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