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Strike two for Ronnie Cole Signature Series, Testogen-XR is inferior to… Everything

Myo-Blitz was nothing to be proud of and sadly, for Ronnie Cole’s Signature Series Testogen-XR is very much the same. The first odd thing about this is that it is a powdered testosterone booster which BSN have been cooking their own one up for some time now. If Evotest is going to be anything like this then competitor’s like USP or Muscletech should have no need to worry. The strongest ingredient in this would be the horny goat weed next to maybe the green tea or DAA. Not even a hint of zinc or tribulus. It is intending to also be a N.O. booster that is why they threw in some taurine and green tea!  Testogen-XR is made up of B-Grade celebrities and unless the pricetag is under $5 you are getting ripped off. If you are wondering why you have not heard of Ronnie Cole products there is a good reason. Out of the two seen so far there is nothing anyone should have heard.

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