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3 in 1 shaker attacks where others are weak, USP Labs and Beast are on board

The Core 150 shaker shown here a few days ago promoted it’s ability to brand, have supplement companies label themselves all over the bottle. It turns out they were a little slow, the 3 in 1 shaker saved time by not promoting itself and getting straight to business. USP Labs and Beast Nutrition are two of the companies that have released their own 3 in 1 shaker. What is the 3 in 1 shaker? It is a variation to the Smartshake with an added funnel.

The pills can be kept in the top, powders in the bottom compartment and there is a neat little funnel included to save you from spillage. The price tag is also half of what the Smartshake asks for. Bonus funnel, and price, can not turn that down.

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