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Testosterone show down, Animal M-Stak Vs. Stak

Time for the long awaited review of the two Animal Staks. Both are pre-workout testosterone supplements, and both extremely powerful. Today instead of just doing a solo M-Stak piece the review will be compared to Stak experience that was done a while back. The big question that is going to be answered here is which one is better and why.

The M-Stak like it’s anabolic brother provides just 21 days worth. Animal recommend taking it for just three weeks and cycling off for one week. This keeps the tolerance at bay, do not worry you will not be losing out on anything. As always follow the damn instructions.

Sex drive is a popular feeling among all testosterone supps, even the weaker ones. Stak puts most of the others to shame, however M-Stak takes a different path. Instead of creating a higher drive it lowers it to almost nothing. Low sex drive is not always a bad thing (course it is), it will help keep your mind on the job. More importantly you could assume that the lack of sex drive from M-Stak is due to a lowering of estrogen.

The M-Stak does not give a huge energy boost to your training, in fact you may not get any feeling from it at all. The Stak had the individual, ‘get jacked’ vibe to it. It puts your head in the right place, sends pumps through the rough and increases your overall rep count. The Stak paks are perfect for bodybuilders. When paired with a night time test supp like Animal PM or Test, you will get the ultimate muscle growth combination.

Do not count the M-Stak out yet, if you like the sound of the above and can not imagine anything better then do not read on, get the Stak. M-Stak does not push your rep count or get you pumped. Somehow, for some reason, strength reps come to life. The maximum weight for 3 reps suddenly becomes the easy warm up weight for 5, 6 or 7 reps.

It does not seem to increase the weight on 1 rep max’s instead it brings a whole new level of power for 3-7 reps. If the Animal Stak is perfect for a bodybuilder then the M-Stak is perfect for a lifter, strength, or elite athlete. What it lacks in muscle growth it makes up for in strength gains. The word that summarises both of these is, amplify. Both amplify training like no other test supp available. Figure out which one suits you (training style) at get ready to work harder than ever before.

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