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3 quality protein powders to save you money, no corners cut or loss of quality

Picking the right protein powder can be a real mission, especially when you are wanting the best bang for your buck. Here are a quick few to choose from, all have high quality blends, powerful doses of protein and offer more value than Gaspari’s Myofusion ever will.

Nutrex Muscle Infusion – Comes in three flavors that will more than satisfy your desires. It is loaded with as many extras as the 2nd generation Nitro-Tech. Thick, full and is about $10 cheaper than Optimum’s Gold.

Universal Ultra Whey – The cheapest of them all, it comes in a 6.6lb bucket, has a variety of flavors and is the simplest blend you will find. No extra ingredients, no loss of money and the giant tub seems endless.

SNI PW-30 – SNI came into power in the middle of last year. The protein blend is higher quality than Myofusion and is cheaper by almost $15. Loaded with amino acids, bcaas, dietary fibre and extra big shot of glutamine. You get cut short on the menu but PW-30 is one of the few cookie and cream flavored proteins that has cookie chunks in it.

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