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SNI website finally drops construction message, seven Raws followed by 21 more basic formulas

SNI website update brings 21 new supplements

For as long as we can remember SNI’s website has had a temporarily under construction message pop up every time you visit. Whether or not it was something the brand just forgot to remove or their site was actually under construction for what seemed like forever. SNI’s website has now been officially updated, seeing the persistent pop up disappear, and an entirely new theme take over. Replacing the brand’s previous dark color palette is a much more bright and cheerful set of blue, white, red and yellow, which has also brought with it quite a few supplements. While we have already seen SNI introduce Neuro8, Beta Nitro and their seven individuals, of which only the individuals are on the site. The brand are now listing another 21 new products, all basic formulas coming under their Vitamins and Support categories. For a first hand look at all the new additions as well as SNI’s upgraded website, head on over to or give the brand a month or so as the 21 basic supplements are being teased as coming soon.

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