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Cellucor’s C4 Xtreme reviewed & approved, powder as good as it’s packaging

The team over at Cellucor reformulated this bad boy a few months ago. C4 Xtreme lost the dynamic duo of DMAA and DMAE, two powerful pre-workout ingredients that have launched products like Jack3d, Neurocore and Nitraflex to fame. The cleaner, smarter content of C4 worried a lot of the fans, would it still give as much energy or pump? It has finally been put to the test, so here for a full review is Cellucor’s C4 Xtreme.

C4 is currently available in three sizes, 5, 30 and 60 servings with three flavors, fruit punch, orange and ice blue razz. The price over the past few months has been dropped very nicely, it is now more than competitive with the current concentrate king Jack3d. First thing to tick off the list is C4’s flavor, most of the supplements in this category taste so bad that it has become a common fact, pre-workouts taste like shit. It seems Cellucor have worked hard in this department and the easily mixing powder goes down like a treat. No sour after taste, no bitter crunch at the end, it is a delight to finally have something that tastes like it is titled.

C4 has no real boost in focus, this is probably due to the fact that DMAA and DMAE are missing. The energy it gives is about equal to something like AmiN.O. Energy, you could push the dose to the maximum with two scoops, however the crash in this one is a little more than you might be used to. The best pre-workout C4 compares to is Neurocore. Each supplement has it’s own unique difference, but pump is where this one excels. C4 provides an unbelievably powerful feeling, more juice for the reps and more drive for that extra amount of pain. As with all pump driven powders it makes you half your rest periods and it pushes out a few more reps even after you have put the weight down.

It might be good to put this one aside for an isolation day, if you are looking at squats or deadlifts for tonight’s session leave it at home. If you got biceps, chest or possibly shoulders you may want to break it out, get your pump on, the muscles bursting and the rep records breaking. Cellucor have developed one of the strongest non DMAA products out to date. Taking a look at the ingredients or even the reviews does not do this one justice. The tub is absolutely beautiful and as far as supplements go this is perhaps the only one that has it’s looks matching it’s quality. Cellucor’s C4 Xtreme, reviewed and approved.

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