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Does your protein shake have enough vitamins? Vega One is the all in one nutritional shake

You don’t get the right amount of vitamins, or vegetables in your diet. You need something like this, Vega One, it is the all in one nutritional shake providing you with all the proper nutrients. At $50 for 20 servings with just 15g of protein per scoop Sequel Naturals can eat shit. Do not be tempted to purchase something like this, these sorts of products are very unnecessary. Vega One has no place in the gym rat’s supplement cave. What ever protein powder you have right now is fine, need to add some color to it? Go out and grab Muscle Pharm’s Armour-V it has just as many greens, vitamins, minerals, omegas and probiotics as this all for the small price of $1 a day. When it comes to supplements do not keep it green.

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