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Nutrabolics has stepped outside of the box, Anabolic Window 2.0 sets itself apart from the rest

Every now and then a supplement gets released that steps outside the box, usually it is from Muscletech however coming in the next few weeks from Nutrabolics is the new and improved Anabolic Window 2.0 (reformulated). You may know of post-workout’s, protein powders and amino acid combos, this new formula from Nutrabolic’s covers all of them.

Anabolic Window 2.0 has jumped on where most other protein/post-workouts have failed. Supplements that include amino acid complexes or recovery matrix’s sell you short on the protein count, this 5lb tub serves up 22 shakes with 43g of protein in each. Taking a page from the higher priced creatines like Cell-Tech or SizeOn, it also packs in 45g of carbs with only 2g of that sugar, adding more power to the refueling package.

You might be thinking that aside from the carbs this is just a regular protein powder with 3 scoops per serve. So far that is true, do remember that the quality of the protein and carbs has not been overlooked. The 43g of protein is made up of 4 different forms and the carbs are a combination of two types of waxy maize, maltodextrin, trehalose and glucose. The things that set Anabolic Window apart from the rest are in the complexes.

Each scoop has 12g of powerful amino acids, not the usual profile that everyone is throwing into their proteins these days, an actual unique dose. To prove just how powerful the anabolic amino matrix is, BSN’s AminoX has just 10g per serving and Scivation’s one hit wonder Xtend, has just 11.9g. There is even more surprise in the glutamine combo, it has 4 different kinds, magnesium glycyl chelate, AKG, peptides and then the regular L-Glutamine.

There is no official price for this bad boy just yet but do not be shocked when it does get released. Take a few things into consideration. The amino ingredients alone should cost you around $20 for 22 serves. For a carbohydrate blend like this you would be looking at about $10-15. As for the protein double the serves as most regular whey powders are under dosed with 20-25g. so maybe around $30-35. All together Anabolic Window would hopefully be sitting in that $60 spot. A combination of three supplements in one powder is not easy to come by so with your convenience in mind set an extra few dollars aside on top of that for Nutrabolics.

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