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One of the best put together test supps around, SEI’s new White Series features D-Testosterol

SEI Nutrition are one of the top brands to visit at the Arnold Classic this weekend. If you are lucky you may get a glimpse at some products from their new White Series. It contains a brand new range of supplements however the one that stands out is D-Testosterol. The quality and genius behind the well reviewed MethylHex 4,2 has been carried over to this premier testosterone booster. It features all the regulars like DAA, tribulus, fenugreek and saw palmetto. The ingredients that make this worthwhile are in the estrogen/DHT support complex, 22,23-dihydrostigmasterol, linum usitatissimum, 5,7dihydroxyflavone and 3,5,4′-trihyroxystilbene ( featured in Animal Test). This is a well put together test product and if you are lucky enough to spot D-Testosterol, grab one.

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