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Amino Decanate lacks the drive in DecaDrive, MuscleMeds delivers the same old BCAA supplement

Amino Decanate is the cocktail component of the MuscleMeds DecaDrive series. The competition in the amino acid supplement market right now is pretty damn heavy. Since Optimum kicked it off last year with AmiN.O. Energy big names have come to the front with their formulas. The best of them all right now is Monster Pump and AminoX. Unfortunately for all the loyal Meds fans this one is not worth taking. Amino Decanate went in a different direction compared to others and used 5g of glutamine which made the BCAA complex a tiny 5g.

It is a good product, but compared to what is out there Amino Decanate just does not cut it. The heavy leucine matrix might have been a bit too much. 10:1:1 is a rare ratio, though for some reason it puts the balance out and creates a very unnoticeable formula that can not even come close to the likes of Monster Amino. It is top value, the taste is pretty good and it works just as well as any other BCAA/amino supplement. That is why it does not get recommended, the last thing people need is another one that is just like the rest.

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