Continue reading Stack3d’s list puts Myofusion into 23rd, Muscle Pharm’s Combat gets moved into 4th

When Muscle Pharm’s Assault hit the number two spot on’s top 10 supplements, it was news across the globe. A lot of fans believed that Jack3d should have been the top pre-workout and holding that silver medal. The months have gone by and N.O. Xplode has dropped down to 13, Neurocore is sitting at 20 and the strongest fat burner available, OxyElite is down to number 15. The biggest news now is that Muscle Pharm, the same company behind Assault, has their protein powder all the way into 4th. The supplement does have it’s high points but it is a little surprising to see Combat all the way at the top while the people’s champion Gaspari Myofusion and Myofusion Probiotic sit at 23rd and 24th. The top 10 is proving to be quite unreliable as far as product quality versus however the list is formed.

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