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Better Body better hurry up with the facts, Amino Ammo gets out before Dominion’s label

Better Body Sports released what looks liked the beginnings of a new look with their pre-workout Dominion. Even though no new info has been given away, including the label, they have gone and put out a teaser for Amino Ammo. These sorts of products are becoming

just as common and important as DMAA pre-workouts were mid 2011. In their words,

A BCAA drink that out performs the competition

A very bold statement. Going off the photograph it is going to be flavored so one shake fans can hit the road. The tub contains a big 60 servings however weighing in at just 720g puts the blend or blends at 12g total. Better Body would need to have one awesomely strong BCAA ratio if they want to beat out the competition. Even if Amino Ammo only has BCAA’s in it, the formula is not going to be something you have not seen already. Hopefully they will get the facts out soon, as catalogue photographs only help sales when they are of Cellucor’s products.

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