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GNC has more than DMAA missing from Ripped Juice, Betancourt take away and give back for the REV PEA edition

Betancourt put news out on their Ripped Juice variant a couple of weeks ago. It was intended to be an exclusive release for GNC. The Ripped Juice REV PEA was meant to be the exact same formula without the famous DMAA. The original has a proprietary blend of 854mg, the PEA edition’s is 612mg. As it turns out instead of being geranium free it is pretty much stimulant free. If you do for some reason consider buying GNC’s one you will also be missing out on synephrine, yohimbe, vinpocetine and evodiamine. However Beta have thrown in other things that are not in the EX2 formula, guggulsterone, alpha lipoic acid and tyramine HCl. No doubt there will be a few more setting them apart but it looks like the GNC’s version should have actually been titled Ripped Juice – for women. Less stimulants, more natural ingredients, all up no where near as good as the standard edition.

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