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The mysterious post-workout Myozene, Bioquest’s number one is very old fashioned

Myozene is a post-workout/protein powder sold powerfully through ProSource. The supplement is made by a not so well known company called BioQuest. The only thing separating this from your regular mass gainer is the sugar amount, this bad boy jams in 30g of it. For those who are unsure that is not a bad thing for straight after your session. If you need the refuelling sugar is one of the best things to take post-workout.

The downer is that the price on this 3 flavor product, it costs about the same as a 5lb protein but only offers 16 serves with 25g of protein. Overall it is a good supplement but it is something that you can put together yourself and customize to suit your own needs. Just scoop in your regular protein powder, add some glucose, waxy maize (Optimum’s Glycomaize), some BCAA powder, and you have your very own Myozene. Most proteins these days offer the vitamins and minerals that BioQuest have put in this as well. If you really must have an all in one powder check out Nutrabolics’ new Anabolic Window as it is a big improvement from this, will not cost too much and is available at almost every top retailer.

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