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Not so known brand in a not so known category, Surgex Sports going for the one hit wonder

Surgex Sports is a one supplement brand, they do have a bar however that does not really contain anything near as exciting as their powder. You could consider this a protein product, 20g in 3 scoops along with 58g of carbs, 14g of that sugar and 3g of dietary fiber. The fat is a little higher than usual at 7g, nothing to get worked up over though. Surgex makes it’s ground in the other ingredients department. A full list of vitamins, minerals and a payload of fruit extracts. The tub is not as packed as Fighter’s Food or Golden Feast, which are both in the same sort of category. If the high carb extra strength protein sounds like you it might a be little difficult to source this one. So to save you time and effort you can purchase the supplement straight from the website.

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