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Do not be afraid of change, Gamma Lab’s PTF is worth it

Gamma Labs are relatively new to the supplement scene. Their latest release not only manages to combine a nice clean look, but also a unique array of powerful ingredients. The Pre Training Formula contains no banned substances which does not mean it is in any way inferior to concentrates.

Each serving has (2 maximum) a 3.5g creatine mix, a arginine and citrulline pump matrix and a singularly populated antioxidant complex. The other feature in this is the energy and focus combo, which is the one packing most of the punch. It has two types of tyrosine, 150mg of caffeine, carnitine, bacopa extract, mucuna pruriens (l-dopa) and vinpocetine. Those last two are probably more recognizable than any of others, the l-dopa was in the original Cellucor C4, the vinpocetine was in the DMAA Neurocore and both of the BSN pre-workouts. This is a very rare mixture of ingredients, the fact that they are all legit for WADA sports makes it even more interesting. Gamma are not asking for too much on this one, a 40 serving tub will cost you just over $30. If you are like most people and unsure of switching pre-workouts some places are stocking a 15 serving tub for half the price.

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