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Hemotropin 2XC ingredients have been released, it has enough to become the champ

The ingredients for the up coming Nutrabolics GH booster have been released. It looks like it is going to be better than it was promised. From experience any supplement that gets fused with GABA is going to get you results. Sure enough Hemotropin 2XC has it at the top of it’s REM matrix. Other ingredients in the blend are lemon balm, holy basil leaf, wild lettuce and Jamaica dogwood extract. All of these are very rare and are not featured in other big name boosters. That being said, the most successful products are the ones that use something different, something not seen before. Hexamino is the 2nd complex in 2XC, it contains 6 different amino acids, histidine, (L & D) tryptophan, alanine, lysine and phenylalanine.

The zinc count is pretty strong in this (23mg) so there will be no need to keep up with that ZMA supplement. Even though the REM matrix had some unique contents the most interesting ingredient is sitting right under vitamin B6. AstraGin is a patent pending extract derived from panax notoginseng and astragalus membranaceous. It has be featured in a few other supplements, most notably PhD’s Wired and PharmaFreaks Ripped Freak pre-workout. Like Anatropin the label is not overly packed, however that formula ended up working out quite well for Gaspari. As mysterious as this all seems, 2XC looks strong enough to give some of the top test products in the market a run for their money. It should be hitting the official Nutrabolic’s store before anywhere else so if you want it a month early be prepared to pay double.

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