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Nutrex’s three new bad boys, underground Amino & BCAA Drive and Defy

A few months ago word got out on a new drive series from Nutrex, not only have those rumors turned out to be true but Amino and BCAA Drive will be releasing along with another one called Defy. Both of the drive supplements look like they will be available in tablet form and Defy, flavored. All of these are amino acid/BCAA driven products and are not going to be anything record breaking. The drive duo are just going to fill holes in the very novel Nutrex Underground line up, Defy is going to attack the bullshit intra-workout supplement window. If you think that your mid workout is the weakest part of your training then you need to start or get a new pre-workout, not take something like Defy. Nutrex are saying that all of these should be out by the end of June.

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