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PhD list Amino Drive as coming soon, a stimulant free supplement with DMAE

PhD just updated their website and along with that they have brought an interesting new supplement. Amino Drive is listed as coming soon and is a pre-workout product, according to PhD it can also be used during the day to keep your amino intake up. No official label has been put out but from the promo image it has 4g of BCAAs and 5.5g of glutamine per serve. The strange thing about this is that they claim it is stimulant free, yet it contains DMAE. Dimethylethanolamine or more commonly deanol, is used in a number of pre-workouts, the more popular of the bunch is Neurocore. Even though Amino Drive is labelled ‘stim free’ it looks like it could be an interesting supplement. Very few PhD products have managed to make it to the US market, if this is something you have got to try double check the USD to Pound exchange rate before hunting.

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