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Quote the best pre-workout supplement in the world, Grenade have taken .50 Calibre too far

There is a lot of hype right for the new Grenade .50 Calibre pre-workout. So much that it is making it sound a bit hard to believe. The ingredients list does look good, although this quote may have taken it a bit too far,

The best pre workout supplement in the world.

You can not help but remember the talk around BPI’s Blox. The game changer, the next big thing, the one to replace BCAAs. This could be a great pre-workout, it goes along with the same sort of contents as Assault and Monster Pump. Grenade have really bitten off more than they can chew by throwing that line down. It will not top the DMAA pre-workouts, not many can and you can count on the price being up around $40, to add more disappointment the biggest supplement audience is in America yet they are hitting that market second. .50 Calibre has lost the chance at being better than expected, the most it can do now is be what it is expected to be, anything less and it will get rubbished.

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