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Save money on Muscletech’s Cell-Tech, stay away from the power packs

Muscletech really pushed it to the limits with their last edition of Cell-Tech. It was somewhere in 2011 when they released the power packs version of it. Containing just 5 pills it will run you a little bit more in price and last you a full month, compared to the smaller Cell-Tech tub that has just 20 servings. The power packs are not a great investment, the proprietary blend in them comes to 5,390mg. The powder offers a massive 13g+ for every two scoops. Either way you look at it both are quite expensive but if you are interested in purchasing Cell-Tech go for the larger 6.6lb tub (30 servings) and just use one scoop. For a lot of people the 75g of sugar is serious overkill. Even at the single scoop you will be taking in 5g of creatine. Since the carbs are high this is not something to take at any time, it is a definite post-workout.

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