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Synedrex shows it’s might with it’s proprietary blend, welcome Metabolic Nutrition to the supplement industry

As pharmaceutical as their supplements look they are all sold without prescription. Metabolic Nutrition have just 7 products in their line up, a creatine, glutamine, protein and 4 very different weight loss formulas. The one that has got them recognized is Synedrex a very powerful stimulant filled fat burner. It has a total of 12 ingredients (soon to be 11). DMAA, yohimbe, ALA and methylxanthine are the main ones that feature and can be relied on when it comes to losing weight. The most impressive thing about Synedrex is how much has been stuffed into each capsule compared to other big players with similar dosing directions. Hydroxycut – 489mg and Super HD – 581mg. It looks like the secret is as obvious as it has always been, the more ingredients the better. Synedrex – 815mg and Grenade – 775mg.

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