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USP Labs’ post-workout gets reviewed, Modern BCAA is the Jack3d of recovery

USP Labs brought the world Jack3d, a no extras no bullshit pre-workout that kick started the concentrate era. Modern BCAA, their equally powerful post-workout is a lot better than you might think. With a strong 8:1:1 BCAA ratio this amino acid supplement is definitely worthy of your immediate workout window. Here is the full review going over just how well this product performs.

The flavoring of this does not compete so well with the likes of Monster Amino. There are 4 choices available, fruit punch, grape, blue raspberry and probably the better of the group, unflavored. It retails just under $30 which for 35 servings is a damn good deal, a lot better than most of the top post-workouts in value.

The downside of the powder, and this might just be the new formula, it has some serious foaming after mixing. You can dilute the shit out of it but it does nothing. Most of the powder dissolves but it does not take much for it to mass a cloudy layer on top. In a regular shaker this does not get in the way, once the lid is taken off to get the last little bit, that extra layer waits until the end before filling the mouth with a sour rush. A good tip to avoid this is to just drink enough to get to the bottom, refill, shake like hell and down it as fast as possible.

As far as performance goes this 7 or 8:1:1 leucine favored ratio seems to be right on the money. Monster Amino had that exact BCAA composition and it, along with other ingredients, performed remarkably. Modern BCAA goes about it’s post-workout business just as well. The revitalizing rush does not come on as fast as Monster’s but it gets there. That immediate recovery effect is a rarity in amino acid supplements, a lot make the big promise and fail when it gets put to the test.

The crazy thing about this product is that USP stuck with solo BCAAs, they put in extra glutamine, it is just hard to believe you actually get a solid feeling with just these four. USP fans should have no concerns about using this for their recovery window in any stack. It may not have the full powered vibe that those label filled powders do but it will be more than enough and it is a supplement you can feel working.

Some people tend to up the servings with things like this. Two scoops of Modern BCAA equals 1 serving containing a proprietary blend of 10 grams. This did get tested to see if there was any major difference between 1, 1.5 and 2 servings. As it turns out it works just fine with the regular two scoops (1 serving), it actually ended up working better at that amount.

To show just how good Modern BCAA is go search for the competitive Xtend at GNC, they make it known which one they support. USP Labs have stuck with what they do best, no fancy ingredients, no extra bits and pieces. It may be a different approach to other big name products however Modern BCAA achieves results. To put it simply – it works. It is a reliable supplement and something that will fit in with any stack.

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