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Don’t worry Pharmafreak you can copy Animal Pak, Vita Freak is anything but the most complete vitamin

It was mentioned a few months back that PharmaFreak were coming to the market with a vitamin supplement. It has arrived and this time they have hit a new low.

Introducing Vita Freak the world’s highest-quality & most complete multi-nutrient pack ever developed!

Using packs is one thing, but ripping the actually container off Animal Pak is something else. The biggest load of shit is them claiming this is the world’s most complete multi. They have not shared the ingredients, they have shown how many pills in a packet though. 8, 2 capsules, 2 different types of tables and 2 little round ones. When the contents come out there will be more talk on how much this is not the best, for now check out the picture below.

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