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Highly anticipated Creacore has arrived, Muscletech make the two ingredients public

It has finally arrived… For pre-order. One of the most anticipated supplements of the year, Creacore has put all it’s details online. The concentrated product is fuelled by creatine hydrochloride which is why it is sporting that massive 80 serving label. The only other ingredient in this is fenugreek (450mg), commonly seen in some multi’s, test boosters and pre-workouts. This would probably be a first in a supplement like this. Unfortunately there is no word on whether or not this will be available unflavored, as they already have Myobuild for post-workout Muscletech have given fans another reason to bombard them with questions. For all those reading here is a dosing tip to save you time and confusion – suck it up and mix the lemon & lime creatine with the sour grape Myobuild.

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