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Lab tests force Gaspari to talk, support the brand their stuff works

Gaspari Nutrition have come under fire enough to release a statement relating to some random lab tests that prove Myofusion to be wrongly dosed. Some are going to argue that the company is ripping people off, some may even say that those tests are a little bit shitty. However you want to look at it – Gaspari did not become as popular as they are through sub par supplements. They have fans because their products work, their Myofusion builds muscle and does it just as good as any other protein. What could a brand gain from bumping up the dose 3 or 4g, an extra buck if that. Believe the images that have magically leaked out onto the internet or… Listen to Gaspari, they make the supplements. Below are links to some images as well as the statement from the company.

It has come to our attention that some poorly controlled lab tests for Myofusion have appeared online and are now making their way across many forums and throughout the social media landscape. At Gaspari Nutrition we take quality control very seriously and fully support any efforts by consumers to have better insight into the quality control standards that their supplements are manufactured under. However, we also hope that our valued customers understand there are proper processes and procedures to determine the validity of the testing methods and label claim accuracy. This is why at Gaspari Nutrition we use accredited 3rd party labs on top of internal quality control tests to ensure accurate results.

Our brand will rise to the occasion and address our critics head on in the hopes to amicably answer any questions they have about the products we distribute globally. As an industry leader in quality nutritional products for over a decade, Gaspari Nutrition maintains the highest commitment to compliance with all Food & Drug Administration requirements and current Good Manufacturing Practices (“cGMPs”) for food supplements. Gaspari Nutrition’s customers can be confident that our products contain only the best quality ingredients and are made in the safest manner possible when meeting label claims. Please review the lab results (see below) for both Myofusion Probiotic Series and Myofusion Hydro which clearly show a HIGHER protein content then what’s listed on the labels. Our customers have always been our number one priority and we honor this with excellent quality control.

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