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Nitro-Tech Performance is 81% protein, Muscletech need a good price to take the throne

The reformulated Nitro-Tech has yet to hit stores but Muscletech have released the supplement facts through their alternate website, ‘The New Muscletech’. Basically they have taken out all of the extra ingredients that gave the previous version a mile long contents list. Hopefully this brings down the price of what was previously

one of the most expensive whey proteins available. As expected the new performance series edition has bumped up the protein per scoop to 30g. In the article a few days back that showed off how strong Optimum’s Gold Standard was with protein % per serve, Nitro-Tech Pro sat back in 3rd with around 75%. This new Performance Series formula actually takes that top spot with 81.08% (37g serve/30g protein). The only thing left in question is how competitive will Muscletech’s price be.

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