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Aminolast gets the job done post-workout, Gaspari are on a roll with their stylish new look

It must be something to do with the packaging. Aminolast uses the same formal layout that Anatropin does and performs just as strongly. The amino acid powder hit last week, at just under $30 it is worth every penny. The big question is how does it compare to it’s fellow competitors?

Aminolast does work, it may not give you a boost to replace SuperPump MAX, or an endurance effect like an intra-workout, but post-workout it gets the job done. The formula does not give an immediate kick like Monster Amino, it does however slowly bring muscle recovery in about half an hour after training.

If you bump up the dose to about 2 or 3 scoops the feel-good effect is much better. Any more and it is relatively the same (dependent on body). Even though there is no immediate revitalization the muscles after about 30 minutes feel the same as they do on Monster Amino. So apart from that first 5-10 minute period they are both about equal.

Amino acid products do a lot more outside of what you can feel. Muscle building, recovery, even strength increases are common. Very few supplements in this category have a formula strong enough that you can feel the ingredients actually going to work. AminoX, Xtend, Monster and Modern BCAA are some of the ones that have that effect. Aminolast definitely deserves one of the top spots, probably behind Monster but ahead of AminoX.

The taste is okay, it is not as good as the waste of time post-workout Blox. But if you are serious about getting results taste should be an added bonus not something you count on. Aminolast does have 4 variants, watermelon, lemon ice, kiwi strawberry and orange mango. So if you absolutely hate the one you get, you have options.

All up Gaspari have delivered. There was no hype for the supplement they just let the product do all the talking. It beats out other formulas like AminoX, Nitro Amino FX and may be for some even Xtend. Sadly it does not top the champ. Whether it was the heavy 8:1:1 ratio or 1g of citrulline, Monster Amino holds on to gold thanks to it’s extra quick recovery power. Competitor’s aside, in the end Aminolast did what it said it would and that is an achievement in itself. Especially in this industry.

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