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BSN may be a little too late, Evotest coming with the much anticipated Test Powder

BSN may have left the release of Evotest a little too late. While GNC have already started selling the testosterone booster the hype for Test Powder has already set in. Anatropin is dominating with solid reviews and Nutrabolics’ 2XC is just around the corner. A month ago BSN could of challenged Gaspari and even taken control of the test powder market by destroying Ronnie’s Testogen XR. Evotest was always going to have trouble pushing other products aside, because USP’s Test Powder looks like such a demonic supplement, that job just became 10 times harder. There is an outside chance BSN have cooked up something magical, much like they did with Hyper FX – Unknown ingredients combining to make a surprisingly good supplement. Time is ticking away, the sooner everybody starts stocking the test formula the better.

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