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Jumbo ingredients, sizes and flavors, Scitec show their strength with two mass gainers

Scitec have so many supplements it can almost be confusing when it comes to stacking. In the mass protein department they really only have two to choose from. Of the 7 products the Jumbo formulas are the weight gainers to side with. There is the regular and professional version, the pro is basically lower carbs and same protein count. A part from that they both contain the same bucket load of ingredients that will help put on that extra weight.

A common thing among Scitec supplements is the inclusion of it’s own products in the high end innovations. In Jumbo’s case it has taken smaller amounts from the main complexes of Crea-Bomb, BCAA Xpress, G-Bomb and Hemo NO. These proprietary blends are not your run of the mill two or three count combos. They may have lower doses than the originals but their range is still impressive. 4 kinds of glutamine, 6 creatines and 3 types of arginine.

Like all of the companies products, the price is solid, and the variety is even better. The regular Jumbo is available in 3 flavors, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with 3 sizes, 2.86kgs, 4.4kgs and 8.8kgs. The professional Jumbo also comes in 3 flavors, chocolate, banana and raspberry and 3 different sizes, 1.62kgs, 3.24kgs and 6.48kgs.

It may be difficult to locate this one, as a matter of fact it is almost impossible to source any Scitec supplement. Especially in the US. Jumbo can be found throughout Europe as that is where the brand is based. However Scitec did say they are looking to start up production in America later this year.

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