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Somnidren-GH Ultra is a rare find, Millennium Sport do know how to make ’em

Millennium Sport does not have a huge presence in the supplement market but their range is definitely worth looking in to. The one product that stands out and is a great representation of them is Somnidren GH. The sleep, recover and growth cocktail is available in two forms. There is a slight difference between the regular (powder) and ultra (capsules) formulas, however both should get you equally good results. If you are a fan of night time recovery supplements you will enjoy the ingredients list. It contains GABA (low dose), l-dopa, zinc, and a surprise hit of DMAE. It could have had some real glory if Millennium had thrown in melatonin and tryptophan. It does have a rare mix of quality contents but because it costs a little more than your average sleep aid only add this to your cart if the slightly better competitors are not working out.

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