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Amino 1 brings back signature quality, Muscle Pharm back on top with September supplement


More information has surfaced as expected. Muscle Pharm’s Amino 1 was looking to just be a basic BCAA and maybe glutamine mix, as it turns out the athlete’s company has come up with something much more complex. It stays consist with the BCAA core ratio of 3:1:2 but it is what goes on after that blend that makes this one to watch out for. MP have added what they call a cellular energy and ATP fueler consisting of citrulline, carnitine, glycine and a surprising cameo of Co Q-10. The formula does not end there either, 2.3g of this supplement belongs to the amino hydrate system featuring an array of ingredients – taurine, beet root extract, betanine, goldenseal root, sarsaparilla, slippery elm bark and coconut water powder. Amino 1 has that signature quality we have not seen in Muscle Pharm supplements since Armor-V.

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