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Bio-EnergetiX Pre break down, classic mix of ingredients nothing more

Bio-EnergetiX are not a widely known supplement company. Their line up consists of Gainer, Sustain (hydration), Multi, Pre, Post and Omega. The Pre is the company’s shining star. They claim it only includes scientifically studied ingredients however those sorts of formulas do not always turn out the best. The 30g serving size is a bit of a monster

but 15g of that is carbs and 12g of that is sugar. So roughly 1/2 of the scoop means business. It does not contain anything you have not seen before, caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, creatine and a BCAA complex with carnitine in the mix. If you are a fan of SuperPump or Monster Pump, you are looking at about 80% of one of those. Bio have got a pretty solid formula on their hands. The carbs give it a point of difference but it could do with a few extra ingredients. It may not be able to beat any of the top pre-workouts, it does however have the ability to equal one or two of them.

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