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MET-Rx release a concentrated creatine, Quik-Crete beats Con-Cret with price and servings

Even though they may be a few months late, MET-Rx are finally jumping on the concentrated creatine train. However subtle the title might be, Quik-Crete is a creatine HCL supplement. Instead of following in Creacore’s foot steps Quik only comes in capsule form. Each one is filled with 750mg of Crea-Crete (HCL) just like Con-Cret. Compared to Promera’s original, MET-Rx’s competitor is not only cheaper but offers just under double the servings. The directions make sure you know this will last longer than a month, with 90 capsules in each bottle and 1 per 100lbs of bodyweight. For the average user this should be one and a half month’s worth.

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