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Protogen the all day protein powder, go high end with Platinum Series came out with a frenzy of supplements last year. Switching up from their previously labelled High Power products, they basically aimed for regular supps with regular prices. This year they might be targeting something a little different. Protogen is the first of many in’s new platnium series. It is their 4 blend protein powder intending to fuel your muscles all day. It runs on high carbs and sort of high fat, with a price tag a little cheaper than your average isolate. Some other formulas that may show up in this platinum series due to the retail mark are an isolate, solid vitamin, complete post-workout and, it might not be within their power, but a fat burner. Protogen is up for sale now and if things fall as quickly as they did last time, we will be seeing more Platinum supplements within the next week or two.

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