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The Sport Digest: Academy researchers present clinical trial results for MusclePharm supplement

The United States Sports Academy, an independent, accredited university specializing in preparing students for careers in professional sports, today announced that its researchers have completed and presented clinical trial results on the safety and effectiveness of long-term use of nutritional supplement Assault™, a product developed and marketed by Denver, Colo.-based MusclePharm Corporation.

Key findings, presented by lead investigator Jordan Moon, Ph. D., at the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s national conference held earlier this month in Rhode Island, included:

Assault™ significantly improved muscular strength without hindering cardiovascular performance;

Men who engage in activities that are either strength- or cardiovascular-based may benefit from long term supplementation of MusclePharm Assault™ without any detrimental health risks; and

Taking 1 scoop of Assault for 33 days had no impact on resting blood pressure, resting heart rate, or fasting glucose. In addition, chronic supplementation of Assault™ did not affect kidney or liver enzymes or cholesterol values.

“Based on the most recent and a previously completed study, Assault™ appears to enhance a single performance session by helping increase energy and focus and overall strength,” said Dr. Moon, who is currently a distance faculty member of the Academy and previously headed the Sports Exercise Science Department. “Long-term use also appeared to result in further improvements in strength, without compromising the health of our subjects.

“The product has been found to be a safe and effective supplement that may promote increases in strength, muscular endurance, energy, choice reaction and agility, while decreasing fatigue in healthy men,” Dr. Moon added.

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