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A NO Bull breakdown, MuscleMeds release the pre-workout’s label

The NO Bull details have been released more than a week before the Olympia. MuscleMeds’ pre-workout brings in a price tag a lot more affordable than Code Red and a formula just as exciting. Each bottle weighs in at 214g with 40 servings, 10 more than it’s predecessor Code Red. Like the recent Jack3d Micro the maximum amount of scoops is 2. Making it a pretty good buy compared to unconcentrated supplements like Assault with 16 or SuperPump with 14. As promised the formula does contain eNoxide at 10mg per serve. Some other highlights are caffeine, 3 forms of creatine, vinpocetine and a big appearance by macuna pruriens. The ingredients look good, a unique mix that should work well. As soon as it becomes available a review will follow.

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