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Creacore beats Con-Cret by way of price, there is only one reason to not go Muscletech

Creacore is the most recent addition to Muscletech’s concentrate series. The supplement combines the power of creatine HCL and fenugreek. There was almost no competition for Con-Cret until this bad boy arrived on the scene. A few others have come into the market since Creacore’s launch but none with a price point as impressive. It turns out there is only one reason you should stick with the original Con-Cret.

You will find you get the same results on Creacore as you would Con-Cret. The added fenugreek may have proven in studies to increase creatine uptake but it didn’t seem to have any sort of real life effect that gave it a leg up on Promera’s formula.

Creacore adds the usual amount of weight and gives the explosive energy system a bit of a boost. Individuals who experienced other results on Con-Cret will also find those unique effects with Creacore. These include things like increased endurance, size and recovery. Not all people get results related to those areas but for the people who do, expect the same with the Muscletech concentrate.

Each scoop of Creacore contains more than twice the HCL of Con-Cret, 750mg Vs. 1,750mg. While Promera recommends using one serving per 100lbs of bodyweight, Muscletech says for maximum effects mix in two with no factoring of bodyweight at all. So if you weigh in at 200lbs you will end up with two scoops regardless of which product you use. The interesting thing is even with that extra 1g of creatine per serve Creacore did not seem to boost any of the supplement specific effects. It performs exactly the same as Con-Cret.

The only downside to Muscletech’s creatine is the flavoring. Their one option on the menu is lemon lime and it is not the most pleasant thing to take down post-workout. Promera not only have 3 flavors, blue raspberry, lemon lime and pineapple. They also have an unflavored variant that can be easily mixed in with your protein shake.

Since both supplements provide the same effects price will play a big part. Con-Cret costs anywhere between 26 and $29 for 48 servings. Creacore on the other hand sits around $30 for 80 servings, and remember it also contains more than twice the HCL.

Overall it looks like the only reason you should go with Con-Cret is if you are allergic to lemon and lime. When it comes to getting into shape you shouldn’t worry about what tastes good anyway. Creacore may have a tangy sour pinch to it, but is that short term after taste really going to stop you from getting an extra month’s supply for the same price.

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